Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by this past weekend, it was lovely to meet you all ♥

It was the first time seeing Peppermint Fox adventurers wearing their dresses in person, thank you to the girls who came past to show us their cute coordinates, you both looked so lovely.


I picked up my new JSK over the weekend!
pepfox's Crowning Glory in Midnight Blue.
I love this dress, it’s absolutely gorgeous.
This dress is by far, my favorite piece in my wardrobe now, I don’t want to take it off!
Thank you girls at pepfox! Your work is amazing!

Over the weekend the most common sounds heard at the PepFox table were ‘Nooooo’ and some kind of incoherent weeping. I can safely say all our customers’ sweet comments leave us in much the same state (all in a good way of course!). Thank you so much for all your support and continued love for Peppermint Fox, we’ll keep working hard for you all!


Here are some mock co-ords of my new pieces I got.

Crowning Glory (Midnight blue) JSK by pepfox
milkamenthe & crown-tea did a fabulous job with these dresses, it’s so well constructed,  was a little worried that it wouldn’t fit me but it fits like glove <3 <3 <3 

Long green floral skirt by anna-le16 as a belated birthday present

Yes I do have two of the same wig in two different colours, excuse my tired face.

Thanks for coming by, much love for liking


My gorgeous Peppermint Fox ‘Crowning Glory’ dress arrived today, it is every bit as glorious as its namesake 

This brand just keeps getting better and better, and I eagerly await their future releases!

Anonymous asked: I apologize but I just must fan the fire on a re-release of Crowning Glory! Like others I didn't know about it until the reservation period is over and I'm sad to have missed out.

Hi Anon! No apologies necessary, we’re definitely taking notice of all the comments we are getting ♥ Please keep an eye on Peppermint Fox; we have many new releases in the works, but we won’t forget about Crowning Glory.

msspringbunny asked: I just have to say your "indie-brand" is absolutely amazing! I just love the simplicity and these wonderful prints. I really really hope you'll re-release Crowning Glory in both colourways! I just recently found Peppermint Fox and I'm kicking myself for not doing so earlier.

Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re happy you love Peppermint Fox, both in simplicity and prints ♥ We’ve been taken by surprise by so many requests for Crowning Glory to be re-released. We’ll definitely keep them all in mind as our first anniversary draws closer!

Anonymous asked: I second re-releasing Crowning Glory. I hadn't even seen the print until after the reserve period ended and there was no chance of getting it then. Please consider a re-release sometime in the future.

Oh, another person who loves crowns! ♥ Thank you so much, with all the interest, we have definitely been talking about it. Please keep an eye out later in the year!

Anonymous asked: Just saw the post from the user who already received their Crowning Glory Skirt in Midnight Blue, wondering when the dresses in that colourway will be posted (if they haven't already!) ?

Hi Anon! If you are waiting on a dress, could you please contact us through email or Facebook, or send us an ask off-anon and let us know your order number/group number, so we can let you know the status of your order? Perhaps the shipping update and order update emails have not been getting through to you.

Also, the girls who have received parcels so far are in Australia, so if you are international, it may take longer for your parcel to reach you! :)

Anonymous asked: Please consider re-realising Crowning Glory sometime in the future! It sold out so quickly and I missed out! ;_;

It is something we are considering, though if it happens it won’t be any time soon,as we have a busy year planned! Thank you for liking our work, and we’re sorry you missed out!


-Latest Arrivals: Peppermint Fox’s Crowning Glory~

I was so pumped for this release from Peppermint Fox, and needless to say I wasn’t disappointed!
The skirt is a beautiful addition to my wardrobe and I can’t wait to wear it out.
Also, the attention to detail from the Pep Fox team is amazing, just look at the packaging, the hand written note, and the swing tags :3

I’m super happy with this purchase and I have to say that Peppermint Fox is definitely a brand to watch!