Tights by Cordelia will be taking part in an artist’s stall at Animaga (Melbourne, Australia) this Saturday & Sunday, 27th & 28th of October. This stall will be shared along with the goods sold by the talented designers of the following:

Clair De Lune will be sold for a special price in advance this coming weekend with the official online release in mid October. Please stop by if you have the chance to say hello!


Today arrived my order from Peppermint Fox I made back in May.
You’re wondering why it took so long to arrive? Well, it’s not Peppermint Fox’s fault. My order was sent back by german customs.

Peppermint Fox stayed in contact with me for 2 months. They did everything possible to locate my order. It seemed that my package is lost and they offered me to replace my order with no extra cost! A day after their kind offer my order arrived back at their location and they promply re-sent it. And now it arrived.

The only negative thing I could say about the rabbit brooche is, that it has a little problem with bubbles in the resin. One bubble popped at the surface, you can see it above the right foot. That’s only a small flaw and I don’t care about it.

Girls and Boys! I’m really amazed with their customer service and products!
The quality of the brooches is great and I highly recommend their accessoires.

I’m glad that they arrived and I’m so happy with them.

Please visit their shop: Peppermint Fox

So glad they finally got to you!

Limited stock will be available in the collective at this Revelry- this weekend! We’ve sent along a number of the tiny companions, as well as a small amount of Bon Bon Parade stock. This is the first time Peppermint Fox will be available to purchase in person in Europe, so do have a look!

We’ve also donated two brooch sets featuring items from Bon Bon Parade, we wish you luck!

If you’re unable to grab what you want have a peek at what we’ve got in stock on the webshop here. Otherwise we hope we can see you in Europe some time soon! ♥

We’ve updated our shipping! From today onwards all Australian orders over $300 will now qualify for free express shipping. For all international orders over $300 we will offering half price pack and track or registered shipping* to your location. All items are eligible including garments, unless otherwise noted.

Thank you!

Shop now!

*Availability of pack and track is dependant on location, express post international not included in this offer

Making up a test-run of the gift bags for our tea party … and having trouble getting everything to fit! Maybe this calls for bigger gift bags? ♥

Sweetness Rosette in Strawberry, part of the Bon Bon Parade collection by Peppermint Fox.

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Gentle Fox Strawberry and Milk with Bon Bon Parade Pomeranian Brooch

Bon Bon Parade items are up in the shop > here !

Peppermint Fox’s newest accessory collection, Bon Bon Parade, is now in store! Take a peek and choose your favourite colour set … Chocolate, Strawberry, or Marzipan?